A Real Talk about Predators

Posted On Aug 26, 2021 |

This blog contains an authentic example of a chat you can have with your child about predators online.

I want to share a recent chat I had with my son of 7 yesterday. I’ve had a few of these ‘chats’ with him recently, but I only introduce the topic if he raises something of relevance. These are never ‘sit down’ planned conversations.

The conversation below highlights how young our children are. We ask a lot of them when we expect them to navigate the terrain of online games. I’ve spoken about this with him previously, but he’s young, and I can tell from his responses that the idea that there are people who pretend to be who they aren’t is really quite foreign to him.

Here's the conversation:

👦 Someone in my class plays Roblox.

👩 Really? Mummy has told you that Roblox is not safe for children.  

👦 I know Mummy

👦 Remember how I told you that there are grown-ups who play that game too. Sometimes they pretend to be children and try to make friends with other children 

👦 (laughing) No way Mummy, you can’t make yourself younger!

👩 (smiling) Good point, but they don’t have to put a photo up when they create a profile. They just have to enter their age, so it’s easy to lie.

👦 but they don’t speak like children 🤔

👩 no, but they practice, and remember, they don’t have to speak, just type. They’re not good people. That’s why Mummy won’t let you play that game, or any game connected to the internet.

👦 But James (older brother, 19 years old) plays Minecraft

James, who has been listening, responds;  “yes, but I only play with my friends, my real life friends. Mum is right, Roblox is not safe. Online games are not safe for kids.”

👩 and it’s important to remember that if anyone ever tells you NOT to tell anyone, or that you’ll get into trouble, that is when you really MUST tell a safe grown up.

👦  and I won’t get into trouble?

👩 No, never, you are a child - but the grown up will because they would be a tricky person

👦 you mean a yucky person

🤗 Big cuddle. End of chat.