My Mission:
To preserve childhood and keep all children safe from online child exploitation by empowering their parents through education.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
— Nelson Mandela —

 " I have had the pleasure of working with Jen Hoey on internet safety for quite some time. Jen is well grounded and sincere about helping families who have social media challenges and emergencies. Jen has a lot of experience dealing with the many dangers of social media along with some of the ways families can work through a healthy recovery. Jen will continue to be one of my "go to" specialists to discuss the latest trends and the newest ways to deal with social media threats."

— Officer David Gomez —
School Resource Officer

"Jenny has a deep love for the safety and protection of childhood! She is a valiant fighter who has invested significant time, education, and energy toward becoming a trusted resource for parents. I'm thankful for her passion and friendship!"

— Chris McKenna —
Founder | Protect Young Eyes

"Jen’s passion and commitment for protecting childhood is second to none.  She has dived deeply into developing her expertise about how our children’s brains are being affected by the online world, and the dangers presented by their digital lives. Jen is deeply empathetic for the challenges faced by parents. As a parent of three herself, she truly understands how challenging it can be to keep children safe online, and how overwhelming the emerging technologies have become.  Jen is a phenomenal resource for parents seeking to keep their children safe online, and seeking to preserve and protect their child’s experience of childhood.  Thank you Jen for all that you do."

— Caroline Ellen —
Safer Stronger Kids

"Jenny is a passionate child online safety advocate and educator. Her Facebook page 'Not My Kid' is my first port of call when educating myself on anything related to keeping my children safe online. Jenny does not attempt to know all of the answers but does share a wealth of evidenced based information and facilitates discussion. Importantly, Jenny is a place to turn when you feel like you are the only person in the world that is not letting their child participate in online gaming, social media and mobile phone use. She is most definitely a leader in a community that is taking a stand for our children's mental health and wellbeing by delaying exposure to an adult online world. She is one in million!"

— Rachel —

“I am so glad I found your page. We have 4 sons and i decided on no TV until 4 (ended up being 3.5 at a friend's place). My oldest is 7 and youngest is 5 months and I honestly feel like I am the only person I know whose child hasn't been on or owns an iPad/tablet. My 7yr olds imagination is extraordinary and I often worry about it and have to keep reminding myself it is because his brain is doing its job! I just worry that he will struggle to find his tribe because he has deeper interests than many of his age. Not a bad thing, but a challenge! Your page often reminds me that the challenge is worth it. Thank you.”

— Debra —

"Cannot tell you how much Not My Kid has helped. Not only me, but those who I have recommended the group to. So grateful."

— Sam —

"Thank you for being a voice advocating against TikTok and other social apps. It's often an unpopular stance and I am grateful to all who are willing to stand opposed to the onslaught of digital platforms in our lives and to stand up for the health and wellbeing of our children. The 'Not My Kid Parent Group' gives me a place to belong on this issue. It educates me, and it fuels my strength and conviction to keep saying no with confidence and a clear mind."

— Jemma —